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Australian Kyudo Association Inc.

ABN: 49 407 493 830 

Association A0062450A incorporated on 19/01/15

About the Australian Kyudo Association Inc (AKA) 

Created in 2012, the AKA was incorporated in January 2015. There are now 6 State Kyudo bodies affiliated to the Australian Kyudo Association -ACT, Victoria, New South Wales, West Australia, Queensland and South Australia. The AKA is a non-profit making voluntary organisation. The AKA is administered by an elected council,  which is led by the AKA President (currently Ramon Lawrence). Each affiliated state has representation on the council.

What we do

The AKA is an administrative body. Individual members are joined through the clubs of the affiliated state associations and receive insurance cover and access to national seminars, examinations, and international events and, where possible, financial support for major Kyudo seminars in Australia.

Our Vision

To inspire the pursuit of excellence, both in Kyudo and in life.

Our Mission

We seek to assist every person who embarks on their own Kyudo journey - at whatever pace they wish and with whatever help they need.

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