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Results of the SGM held at Willow Pond in WA at 7pm on 29th March 2017.


The meeting was declared quorate and votes were as follows:


44 proxies

20 present


64 total – results as follows:


Q1 – 1 abstention; 63 Yes (unanimous) (63/63)


Items –

Independents to be removed from the AKA Constitution

Delete ‘Nagoya’ and Change to ‘International Kyudo Seminar’

Member payments to be made directly to state treasurers.

AKA executive office term from one year to two years.


Q1 - Passed



Q2 – 1 abstention; 16 No ; 47 Yes (74.6%) (47/63)


Item -

Quorum change for annual or general meetings from 20 to 6 members.


Q2 – Failed



Please note:


Rachel Carr was returning officer. I will ask her to prepare a minute for the meeting and issue accordingly.

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