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Meet the team behind the Australian Kyudo Association

Executive Committee

National Council

AKA Executive Committee (as above)

State Representatives

ACT: Duncan Bullock (5 Dan)

NSW: Lissy Hartmann (2 Dan)

QLD: Rob Doncaster (1 Dan)

VIC: Diego Leiva (3 Dan)

WA: Jeri James (2 Dan)

Quorum for committee meetings: 6


As a not-for-profit association run purely on volunteers, we would like to acknowledge the significant donated time and skill from the following past and present members. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Current Executive Committee (as above)

Website Photography (2024): Eric Chau

Website (2024 - current): Calista Wu

Website (2019 - 2023): Peter Carr

Past Executive Committee Members

David Gordon

Bernard Lyons

Kaori Taniguchi

Stuart Owens

Klara Lantay

Rachel Carr

Neville Browning

Ramon Lawrence

Rachel Fisher

Andrew Smith

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