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frequently asked questions

How do I start Kyudo?

Join through your closest Kyudo association. Head to our 'How to Join' page under 'About' for more information, and 'Locations' for a list of available locations.

Is there a minimum age?

Please contact your closest Kyudo association for their policy on minimum age accepted per club.

Can I grade in Australia?

Members obtain Dan grades through 'Shinsa' (grading) administered through the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF). Shodan (1 Dan) and Nidan (2 Dan) may be graded through video shinsa through local Australian clubs if the option is offered by IKYF in the year. Otherwise, all gradings are held overseas, generally in Japan.

What Dan grades are recognised?

The AKA is a member organisation of IKYF, and so only Dan grades awarded through the IKYF Shinsa are recognised.

Are there any other locations not listed?

Any organisation not listed in our 'Locations' page are not affiliated with the Australian Kyudo Association, and therefore cannot be graded or administered to  with the IKYF.

Where can I purchase the equipment?

As there are many factors contributing to which equipment are the right one for you, we recommend you to join through your closest Kyudo association and be guided through the equipment purchasing with them.

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