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AKA has a new logo!

The Australian Kyudo Association is excited to announce and unveil our new logo!

ABOUT AKA - Our story

Kyudo in Australia has come a long way since its introduction to our shores. While the practice of Kyudo has existed since the 1970's to early 2000's in Australia notably in Melbourne with the presence of Andre Sollier and others, it wasn’t until November 2009 where the ‘Kyudo in Australia’ Facebook page was created by passionate individuals.

Through this community, meet-ups and training were organised until the national association 'Australia Kyudo Association' was formed in August 2013, followed by various State associations. It wasn't until June and July 2014 that the inaugural Annual General Meeting took place and the National Council was formed, comprised of an executive committee and representatives at one per State. The association was later renamed and incorporated as 'Australian Kyudo Association Inc.' ('AKA') in January 2015, to which Kyudo in Australia has operated under ever since.

Based on the formation of the AKA National Council in 2014, AKA is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year in 2024.

For more on AKA's history, head over to have a scroll of our timeline at About Us.

WHY CHANGE THE LOGO? - Revitalising our image

2024 is a big year for AKA with its 10 year anniversary and the recent acceptance as a member country of the International Kyudo Federation ('IKYF') in December 2023. These are big achievements and significant milestones, and the perfect opportunity to show Australia’s growth since our inception.

AKA's current logo has served us well the last 10 years. However, with the rapid growth of the association and Australia now standing on the world stage with other member countries, we feel that this is an appropriate time to reinvent our current logo in order to revitalise our image with a unique and modern design, and to incorporate meaningful elements that reflects and represents the identity of Australia in the context of Kyudo.

THE DESIGN - Our vision

To represent Australia, the Golden Wattle, being the national flower of Australia, was chosen to be the focal point of the logo together with the arrow representing Kyudo. The uniqueness of the flower pays homage to our country, and the inclusion of a floral element is common in Japanese emblems to which our new logo is styled as for a clean, modern and unique feel. The number of wattle flowers in the logo symbolises Australia’s 8 States and Territories for unity and demonstrate our desire to grow and promote Kyudo in Australia.


Our logo redesign project was entrusted to So Terada, a professional and talented designer born in Ehime Prefecture, currently residing in Tokyo. After studying illustration and manga at Tokyo Design College, the designer has established a career as a freelancer. Known for a style reminiscent of family crests, the designer has an impressive portfolio that includes logo designs, goods with charming illustrations, and creative New Year's cards.

See his website for more:


It was important that for such a significant change to have the support of our members. In May 2024, the AKA held a survey for electronic votes by members on whether Australia wants to change our current logo. The result was a majority in favour of change, and AKA members voted on their preferred drafted designs and provided feedback.


The logo was finalised and received on 30 June 2024, ready for our new financial year!

We are very pleased with the final results and are happy to announce the below designs as the new face of the AKA, in both black and white, and green and gold - Australia's national colours!



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