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3rd World Kyudo Taikai/4th International Kyudo Seminar/Special Provisional Chuo Shinsa

The AKA would like to congratulate all members that participated in the 3rd world Taikai. Although none placed everyone performed to their best and represented the country with great distinction.

Additionally the AKA wishes to congratulate the following successful applicants of the Shinsa held after the 4th International Kyudo seminar. The AKA managed a 76% success rate.


• Grey Matthew

• Lee Hui-Ai

• Leiva Diego

• Hu Tiong Kai

• Wong Kara

• Koh Sean Leip-Jin

• Delesvaux Erell

• Manning Brendon

• Tomari Nobuko

• Gaynor James

• Smith Andrew

• Hope Peter


• Wu Calista

• Hoang Nan Viet

• Tow Jonathan

• Schoknecht Brenton

• Suckling Martin

• Lim Lee

• Chiba Yuki

• Zonaga Adrian

• Hockley Anthony


• Fisher Rachel

• Carr Peter

• Kee Brendan

• Szeto Martin

• Carr Rachel


• Downs Gavin

• Owens Stuart


• Bullock Duncan

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