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AKA 10th Anniversary National Seminar and Taikai

Registration for our 10th Anniversary National Seminar and Taikai event is now open!

We are so excited and incredibly honoured to have multiple sensei taking the time to travel down to the land down under for the Seminar for our big anniversary year!

Register by Friday, 12 July 2024 for a spot.

Please note that:

  • The Seminar and Taikai is open to all current financial members of Australian Kyudo Association, and members of affiliated and associated associations of the International Kyudo Federation ('IKYF'), with a minimum experience level of 6 months of regular practice.

  • The event is not open to anyone who belongs to, or is associated with a community that has any relationship with the Dai Nippon Kyudo Kai ('DNKK').

Victorian Kyudo Association Seminar August 2023. Image © 2023 Eric Chau. All rights reserved and unless otherwise noted, may not be copied, downloaded, blogged, distributed, or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of owner.


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