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1st Australian Kyudo Championships - Results

Results of the 1st Australian Kyudo Championships held Sunday 29th September 2019 in Western Australia

Participants and observers with Matsubara Sensei

Some of the participants and observers with Matsubara Sensei

Championship in full swing,. Its a hot sunny day in an outside kyudojo, so some participants are wearing head coverings.

Mudan 1st Place Duncan Bailey (WA); 2nd Place Stirling Jarrad (SA)

Shodan 1st Place Mai Fung (WA), 2nd Place Sean Koh (WA)

Nidan 1st Place Peter Hope (WA), 2nd Place Jeri James (WA)

Sandan 1st Place Peter Carr (WA); Chiharu Fukumoto (WA)

Teams 1st Place WA 2 (Peter Carr, Jari James, Sean Koh) 2nd Place WA 3 (Ramon Lawrence, Tony Hu, Braden Short)

Open Event 1st Place Ramon Lawrence, 2nd Place Peter Carr


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